28 feb. 2018

Descarga y lee todos los guiones de Charlie Kaufman

A Scanner Darkly (1st draft, 20 Dec, 1997)

This unproduced interpretation of the Philip K Dick novel was eventually vetoed, in favour of Richard Linklater's own adaptation. Kaufman's draft is very faithful to the source material.

Adaptation (2nd draft revised, 21 Nov, 2000)

This revision of Adaptation's 2nd draft offers a slightly different opening, a refinement of pretty much everything - and the swamp monster is still there.


Adaptation (2nd draft, 24 Sept, 1999)

This early draft of Adaptation is consistent with the tone of the final film, though changes were made between this and the shooting script. There's no swamp ape in the movie, for instance...

Anomalisa (Shooting draft revised, 4 October 2015) New !

This appears to be the final version of Charlie's animated feature, Anomalisa. It doesn't seem to differ from the filmed version.

Being John Malkovich (1st draft)

The first draft of the Being John Malkovich script, in pdf format.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (3rd draft, 5 May 1998)

Kaufman disliked the treatment his script received from director George Clooney, claiming the movie was too "aren't-I-cute." Read Charlie's screenplay and decide for yourself.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1st draft, undated)

The first draft of the Eternal Sunshine screenplay features a futuristic opening, an extended "first" meeting between Joel and Clementine, and a significantly darker finale than the movie. This is the first draft in pdf form.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Shooting draft, revised, 4 February, 2003)

The shooting draft of Eternal Sunshine ditches the furuturistic opening and the grim ending, but still differs from the movie in some respects; Michel Gondry filmed several scenes on-the-fly, and Kaufman was still tweaking the screenplay while cameras rolled.

Human Nature (1st draft, 20 May 1995)

The first draft of Human Nature is, unlike most of Charlie's first drafts, very similar to the finished product. Whether or not that's a good thing, you can decide for yourself.

Killing Charlie Kaufman

Written by a former colleague of Charlie's, Rick Cunningham, this semi-fictional comedy shows what happens when your friend goes off to become one of Hollywood's big-name screenwriters.

Nore Abadi Zehne Khamush

This is a Farsi translation of the Eternal Sunshine shooting script, thanks to Araz Barseghian. Araz is the editor of Filmnegar, Iran's only professional screenwriting magazine.

Synecdoche, New York (1st draft)

This is the first draft of Charlie Kaufman's latest screenplay, Synecdoche, New York. (Ignore the "Schenectady, New York" title scrawled on the first page; evidently it was put there by whoever smuggled the screenplay out of the studio, and he got the title wrong. Or something.)

Synecdoche, New York (1st draft) - Spanish

This is a meticulous and very professionally-done Spanish translation of Synecdoche, New York screenplay (1st draft). Big thanks to Rob Mata!

(Note: despite earlier suppositions, and despite what it says on the title page, "Synecdoche, New York" was the script's original title - not "Schenectady, New York")

Synecdoche, New York (July '07 draft)

The July '07 draft of Charlie's Synecdoche, New York screenplay was completed - surprisingly - one month after the June draft. Numerous scenes have been added/altered, and all changes are in a different-coloured typeface. The minister's speech near the end of the movie - a highlight, according to many viewers - is included.

Synecdoche, New York (June '07 draft)

Roughly the same length as the first draft, this version of the Synecdoche, New York screenplay nonetheless feels more streamlined and flows a little better. The film began shooting just a couple months after this draft was completed.

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