25 feb. 2017

Nace una nueva red para guionistas, ¡conócela!

by Vladan Petkovic

The First Films First training programme, designed to support young Southeast European film directors in developing their first feature-length fiction films, launched the online platform Meet the Scriptwriters last week at the Berlinale.

The website will give scriptwriters the chance to introduce themselves and their projects through personal profiles that include biographies, filmographies and examples of their work, as well as additional information that can provide a better understanding of their preferences and sensibilities, such as lists of their favourite films, or videos with their favourite scenes or quotes

On the other hand, other industry professionals, especially directors and producers, will be able to use the platform as an online tool to find a writer, a synopsis, an idea for a film, or the kind of a screenplay they are looking for.

The focal point of the profiles is the projects that scriptwriters are working on. Projects can be at any stage of development (finished script, treatment, short or long synopsis) and include any number of collaborators attached to the project. Additionally, users can choose how much information on any specific project they wish to offer through the download link, which gives them full control over their profiles. They will be able to update their profiles at any time and as many times as they wish.

Scriptwriters’ profiles will be published on the Meet the Scriptwriters website, where professionals will have the opportunity to search the profiles using criteria such as keywords, country and language of the scriptwriters, where their stories are set, and collaborators attached to the projects, etc.

Meanwhile, First Films First's call for entries for its second edition is open until 1 March (the selected participants will be announced in mid-April), and the current training programme will end with its fourth workshop, at the Sofia International Film Festival, where the current class of eight first-time directors from the region will learn about pitching and packaging their projects.

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