16 dic. 2016

Abiertas las plazas para participar en el "BBC Writersroom Script Room 12 - Drama"

BBC Writersroom's regular window for unsolicited scripts is open between 10am on Friday 9th December 2016 and 5pm on Monday 9th January 2017 for Drama scripts (TV, film, radio, stage or online).

**Please note this Script Room will close at 5pm on Monday 9th January 2017. No late submissions will be accepted.**

Submit your script

This link to submit your script via our e-submissions system will activate at 10am on Friday 9th December. You will only be able to submit your script during the time the window is open.

This year, we will only accept submissions by post under exceptional circumstances, which you will need to clear with us when requesting your postal cover sheet.

The safest way to get your script to us, and ensure that it gets read, is to use the E-Submissions system. It is simple to use and will reach us instantly. All you need is an email address and access to the internet in order to use it.

Read the FAQs for our E-Submissions system

If this is your first time submitting online, you will have the opportunity to set up a new account once the window is open.

Do not wait until the day of deadline to submit your script. Always allow plenty of time for troubleshooting, as we cannot accept any late submissions.

Writers will be asked to submit:
1 drama script of at least 30 minutes / pages in length for TV, Film, Radio, Stage or Online*
A brief biography of your writing to date (up to 1 paragraph) to be included on your profile
If you are submitting an episode script for a series/serial, you may also attach a brief outline (1-3 pages) of further episodes and the series/serial as a whole. This should be attached as a separate PDF document to your script

Your script should be a saved as a single PDF document of no more than 10MB in size.

All scripts will be read “blind” i.e. without a name attached, until after full-read stage. Please remember to remove your name and contact details from your script.

*If you are submitting a sample script for Children’s TV or Online, you are welcome to submit 2 x 15 min episodes as a single PDF document.
Find out more about our Script Room system, including what we look for.
Script Room Terms and Conditions including what we accept and what we do not accept and FAQs
Explore a collection of advice and resources for writing Drama including blogs, interviews and scripts.
View and download example Script Formats.
Visit our Script library to read scripts 

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2 comentarios:


    "We do not accept:
    - Scripts from overseas – we are looking for writers with whom the BBC can develop a strong working relationship and who have something to say that will appeal to British audiences. You may be a non-British-born writer, but you must be resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland. If you are currently living overseas, only consider submitting your script when you return to the UK or Republic of Ireland."

    1. Yes! Pero te olvidas de una cosa: en el inquilino tenemos cientos de lectores del Reino Unido.


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