4 dic. 2016

10 frases de 10 guionistas sobre escribir guiones

"I have learned the first rule of screenwriting is having no rules. Everyone has to find their own way of doing things." — Guillermo Arriaga

"Eighty percent of a motion picture is writing, the other twenty percent is the execution." — Billy Wilder

"If you're not prepared to be rejected, don't try to write films." — Peter Hyams

"The single most important question one must ask oneself about a character is what are they really afraid of." — Robert Towne

"Each scene must be a drama in itself. The whole picture must be made up of a series of small dramas." — Jeanie Macpherson

"Plot does not drive characters. Characters drive plot. Characters want, need, feel, act, react. This creates plot." — Chuck Wendig

"Screenplays don't have to read like an instruction manual for a refrigerator. You can write them as a pleasurable read." — William Goldman

"If you're inviting people into a story, invite them into all parts of it. Inhabit each character as fully as possible." — Nikole Beckwith

"Every five to ten pages, I want a big fist to come out of the screenplay and punch the reader in the gut." — Allan Durand

"If I have anything to say to young writers, it's stop thinking of writing as art. Think of it as work." — Paddy Chayefsky
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