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Carta a guionistas escrita por 14 grandes cineastas...

Tips from Aaron Sorkin, Steven Spielberg, Brie Larson and more.

The following letter is composed of advice talented filmmakers shared with us for screenwriters. The annotations at the bottom reveal who they are and what they said.

Dear Screenwriters,

To find success, you must first find inspiration.

Follow your curiosity. Stories are found in sometimes the most unlikely places.¹

Be a pioneer. Find stories that are risky but speak volumes about who you are as a writer and what you believe in, your whole outlook on the way things are. If it’s personal enough, there will be a big audience to see it.²

Write great stories. Great scripts of great stories.³

But be realistic. When you start out, write something inexpensive to produce.

Don’t write a $200 million movie and then wonder why no one wants to take a shot and make it.⁴

Recognize no matter how much talent you have, screenwriting is hard work.

It’s no different than playing the violin. You have to practice. Read the screenplays of your favorite movies. Watch the movie with the screenplay on your lap. Try to reverse engineer it. Figure out what it looked like on the page and how it got there.⁵

Be willing to put in the work.

It’s like exercising. It’s just getting your sneakers on that’s the hardest part.

Just write the bad version. Write the shitty version. If you just think of it with no stakes, then you get pen to paper, finger to keys.⁶

And when you’re putting in the work, focus on your craft. Block out the distractions and your assumptions about what the industry wants.

Don’t worry about anything other than you. Focus on what you love and trust that that will get you through it.⁷

Stop doing four screenplays at once. Do one at a time.⁸

When it comes to the technique of writing, there are several things to keep in mind.

Don’t over-describe. Let the action and the dialogue do the work.⁹

Do a draft where you take out all the stage directions and all the parentheticals. Clear all that out and just see what the actors might bring to it.¹⁰

Remember the best screenwriting starts with character.

An audience doesn’t need to like a character — they need to be compelled by them. The point at which you are just about to lose an audience’s sympathy with a character is probably the best place to be.¹¹

And please don’t describe your female characters as broken but beautiful. Please. Please.

Give as little description as you give about the way your characters look physically — unless it’s something that is just incredibly important to the story.¹²

Don’t be afraid to break the “rules.”

Try not to concern yourself too much with what other people will think or whether this will be a popular movie, or whether it conforms to the structure that movie executives expect to see, or any of that.¹³

Most importantly, don’t quit.

Keep going. We all depend on you. There’s nothing without the writing.¹⁴

1: Laurie Macdonald, 2: Steven Spielberg, 3: Alan Silvestri, 4: Seth Rogen, 5:Aaron Sorkin, 6: Sarah Silverman, 7: Drew Goddard, 8: Ridley Scott, 9: Lenny Abrahamson, 10: Jeff Daniels, 11: Matt Charman, 12: Brie Larson, 13: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 14: Danny Boyle

To see more screenwriting advice from these filmmakers and others, check out our Academy Originals video below:

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