22 dic. 2015

Ahora puedes enviar tu guión a la BBC

The Script Room

Welcome to the Script Room, our system for receiving unsolicited original scripts.

Rather than accepting scripts year-round in a rolling system, we now have distinct submission windows for scripts which are announced on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page throughout the year. Each call has a deadline, and the scripts received are assessed intensively by our script readers and the BBC Writersroom team, and a shortlist drawn up. We then offer various development opportunities for the shortlisted group of writers.

Script Room is not a competition but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best writing talent. We look for writers with the strongest potential to be developed and produced for BBC broadcast. You could be new to writing or new to the BBC but equally, you may be a playwright looking to write for TV, or you’ve written for radio drama and would like to try your hand at writing for CBBC. We understand that carving a career as a writer takes time and that each writer’s development needs will be different. We receive many thousands of scripts every year and can only focus on the writers who we feel have the most potential.

What we look for

We look for what the script tells us about the writer. We see all scripts as a calling card to showcase a writer’s talent, ability, and voice.

We look for what a writer can deliver in script form rather than unscripted ideas.

We also consider whether scripts have real potential to be developed further towards production. If we believe a script could be developed further by a BBC department, we will send it to them with the writer's knowledge. Original scripts written on spec' are produced extremely rarely, and writers should not send them in with the expectation that they will be produced. However, original spec' scripts are the means by which writers get noticed, so you should always write your script with the same level of commitment as if it were for production.

We want to see the best possible draft you can achieve. We are not looking for early/first/rough drafts of scripts. Only submit to the Script Room when your script is ready, even if it means waiting for a later Script Room submission window.

We look for original voices - and original scripts that express those voices. We do not look for more of the same – we look for something new.

Read the Script Room Terms and Conditions, including what we accept and what we do not accept

How to submit

When Script Room is open for submissions the dates and details on how to submit a script will be made available on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page.

Scripts should be submitted to our online E-Submissions system. Read the E-Submissions FAQs for further information.

If you have not submitted a script to us online before, you will have the opportunity to set up a new account when you come to submit your script.**Please ensure you leave adequate time to complete the process**

If you are unable to submit your script online, please call the BBC Writersroom on 020 8743 8000 or email writersroom@bbc.co.uk to request a cover sheet which we will then post to you. All posted entries must be accompanied by a completed cover sheet and we would advise you to request a cover sheet between 1 month to 2 weeks ahead of the closing date.

Please note we CANNOT under any circumstances accept hand delivered submissions.

Explore collections of writing help and resources in our Writers' Lab

Submission windows

There were two Script Room windows in 2015, dates for 2016 are tba, in the meantime check out other writing Opportunities from the BBC and other organisations:

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Read the Script Room Terms and Conditions
Read the Script Room FAQs
Login to E-Submissions (existing login required, it is only possible to create a login when we have an open opportunity).
E-Submissions FAQs
Formatting your Script
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Previous Script Rooms

Please note, the following Script Room windows have now closed:

Script Room 9 - Comedy - closed to submissions on 2nd April 2015

Script Room 10 - Drama - closed to submissions on 24th September 2015

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