25 oct. 2015

Descarga y lee 13 guiones que competirán en los Oscar 2016

"Straight Outta Compton"
By Paula Bernstein

With today's IFP Gotham Independent Film Award nominations, awards season is official under way, which means studios will begin sharing scripts for awards contenders in hopes of bolstering their chances at nominations.

For aspiring screenwriters, these scripts amount to a free screenwriting class. In studying the language, structure and pacing of the original and adapted screenplays, you'll see how story is carefully plotted and learn how strong characters are developed. From adapted screenplays such as "The End of the Tour" to original screenplays like "Ex Machina," the below scripts present a range of genres and styles.

As an instructive lesson, first watch each of these films and then pore over the respective screenplays -- detailing the ways in which the cinematographer, composer, editor, costume designer and all of the other members of the filmmaking team brought the screenwriter and director's vision to the screen.

We'll continue to update this list throughout awards season, so keep checking back for more free scripts. The script titles are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on the links to view and download. Of course, we should remind you that these scripts are for educational purposes only.

"The End of the Tour," written by Donald Margulies (courtesy of A24)

"Ex Machina," written by Alex Garland (courtesy of A24)

"Legend," written by Brian Helgeland (courtesy of Universal Pictures)

"Mississippi Grind," written by Anna Boden and Adam Fleck (courtesy of A24)

"Remember," written by Benjamin A. August (courtesy of A24)

"Straight Outta Compton," screenplay by Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff, story by S. Leigh Savidge & Alan Wenkus and Andrea Berloff (courtesy of Universal Pictures)

"Slow West," screenplay by John Maclean (courtesy of A24)

"Trainwreck," written by Amy Schumer (courtesy of Universal Pictures)

"While We're Young," written by Noah Baumbach (courtesy of A24)

"Danny Collins," written by Dan Fogelman (courtesy of Bleecker Street)

"I'll See You in My Dreams," written by Brett Haley and Marc Basch (courtesy of Bleecker Street)

"Pawn Sacrifice," written by Steven Knight (courtesy of Bleecker Street)

"Trumbo," written by John McNamara (courtesy of Bleecker Street)


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