28 sept. 2015

Descarga y lee el libro digital sobre las 22 reglas de Pixar para escribir guiones

When Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted out 22 storytelling tips, something interesting happened. It was as if the curtain was lifted to reveal the heart of a mysterious, magical, and inspiring player in filmmaking, and many screenwriters (I was one of them), treated this small collection of advice as a lost book of the storytelling bible. Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, who has spent 12 years writing and developing stories at Pixar, has now shared his eBook in which he expounds on each tip. Continue on for the link to the free download.

For those of you who have never read Pixar's 22 storytelling tips, go ahead and do that immediately. Here's a slideshow from Gavin McMahon of Make a Powerful Point that illustrates them:

También puedes descargar el libro aquí.

¿Cómo escribir guiones para público menor de edad?

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