22 jul. 2015

The Black List busca tu guión

The Black List has just revealed plans to host four Screenwriters Mini-Labs, scheduled to take place this fall in Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Each Mini-Lab will bring together four writers for a weekend-long intensive where writers will receive feedback from their peers, as well as professional mentors. Previous mentors include Kiwi Smith, Billy Ray, Max Borenstein, Jessica Bendinger, Beau Willimon, Leslye Headland, Brian Koppelman, Michael Mitnick, Jesse Wigutow and Scott Myers.

The lab format of professional development is not a new venture for The Black List -- the company previously hosted two week-long labs in Las Vegas, NV and one Mini-Lab in New York, NY.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and deadlines for the Mini-Labs click here.

Make sure to read the fine print. Bear in mind that travel and accommodations are only provided for participants of the Los Angeles Mini-Lab.

The dates for each Mini-Lab are as follows:
  1. September 12-13 at the Toronto International Film Festival
  2. October 3-4 at Columbia College in Chicago, IL
  3. October 17-18 in San Francisco, CA
  4. November 14-15 in Los Angeles, CA

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