10 mar. 2015

Abre convocatoria el European TV Drama Series Lab 2015

A project by EPI in association with MediaXchange

The programme is designed for scriptwriters, producers and broadcasters and explores the essential elements of the successful drama series.
Top industry experts from across Europe and the US share their knowledge and provide exclusive insights.

Module 1: Framework for successful European TV Drama Series
Module 2: The Creative Maze

The application deadline for the 2015 edition is April 24, 2015.
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When & Where

Module 1: June 30 - July 5, 2015 in Berlin (4 seminar days)
Module 2: November 9 - 15, 2015 in Berlin (5 seminar days)

Participants must be available to attend both modules.

Module 1: Framework for successful European TV Drama Series
The goal for Module 1 is to present and discuss the culture and market for TV Drama series in the United States and Europe that will assist in distilling systems and processes that can be applied to European TV production and creativity.
- State of the industry
- Trends in series storytelling
- Legal and financial aspects of European co-productions
- Best practice lessons from successful European and US series
- Latest trends in 360° content

Participants will take part in ‘think tanks’ to discuss how the knowledge gained can be adapted and applied to the European industry.

Module 2: The Creative Maze
The second module will emphasize the creative aspects, offering participants unique insights into the “ins and outs” of the successful US TV series:
- The principles behind the Writers' Room
- The role of the Showrunner
- Management of creative teams

After two introductory seminar days, the participants will be divided into groups to explore in greater depth specific topics relevant to their professional backgrounds.
- Writers’ Room Simulation (Writers and Creative Producers)
- Management of Creative Teams (Producers, Executives and Broadcasters)

Impressions from previous editions
>> Download 2014 Programme
>> Experts
>> C21-Interviews with experts and participants
>> Quotes


Develop specific skills to enhance and deliver sustainable and returning international TV series
Access to top industry professionals from across Europe and the United States
Access up-to-date information on trends in the TV drama series sector globally
Understand the elements behind the success of American drama series
Adapt this knowledge to European market

Learn best practice lessons from cutting-edge European case studies
Participate in excellent networking opportunitiesWho
Experienced players in the TV industry from European Union countries and countries participating in the MEDIA Programme:
- Scriptwriters
- Creative and Executive Producers
- Broadcasters

Further specifics on the target group can be found here.

Deadline: April 24, 2015.

Click here for details on the application procedure, the guidelines and forms.

€ 3.400 (registration fee module 1 and 2, meals)
€ 4.500 (registration fee module 1 and 2, meals + hotel accommodation)

A limited number of scholarships (mostly partial) is available for writers.
Please contact Dina Rubanovits (rubanovits(at)epi-medieninstitut.de | +49 331 721 2886) for further information.

For Germans: Eine Förderung der Weiterbildung über die Bildungsprämie des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung ist möglich. Weitere Informationen unter: www.bildungspraemie.info
Achtung: Die Bildungsprämie ist nicht mit einem Stipendium des EPI kombinierbar!

Hotel and Venue
Adrema Hotel Berlin

A project by:
Erich Pommer Institut (Germany)
The Erich Pommer Institut is one of Europe's leading centres for media law, media management, and media research. As a non-profit independent institute, our studies follow the process of media convergence through research, consultation and advanced training.
Each year, EPI organizes and hosts close to 40 seminars, workshops, conferences and panels – for the European, the Canadian as well as the US-American media industry.

In association with:
MediaXchange (UK)
Based in London and LA, MediaXchange is a media consultancy with a 24 year history assisting entertainment industry professionals to develop effective knowledge, contacts and business drawn from our unique global perspective. A roster of returning clients and new participants from around the world encompasses studios and networks, creative and business executives, writers and developers, financiers and filmmakers, government agencies and industry associations.

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