9 ene. 2015

Los 5 puntos de giro del guión de Greenberg (2010)

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Movie Time: 107 minutes


His successful brother Philip (Chris Messina) is vacationing in Viet Nam with his wife and kids, and so Greenberg (Ben Stiller)—ex-musician, now a carpenter, fresh out of the asylum—has Philip's expansive Hollywood Hills house all to himself. He's there to housesit, dogwatch, and build a dog house while the family is away. The boredom drives him crazy in short order and he invites Ivan (Rhys Ifans), his best friend from back when, over to hang out. (00:14:53)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After reconnecting with his old friends at a party (disastrous), Greenberg decides to ask his brother's assistant Florence (Greta Gerwig) out for a drink. Everything is awkward, including the brief attempt at sex. After, she invites him to a singing gig she's performing in. He says that it'd be best not to pursue things because he's "trying to do nothing right now." She agrees with "I've got to stop doing things just because they feel good." (00:29:45)


Greenberg continues to interact with old friends. It is clear that he's selfish and unpopular. Ivan is his last remaining friend, barely. Despite the fact that he and Florence agreed that they shouldn't see each other, Greenberg goes to see her at her show and then Florence ends up driving him to the veterinarian when the family dog get's sick. They spend the night together and it's pleasant, but then Greenberg blows up, saying that he doesn't want to keep seeing her like this and that she needs to just take some responsibility and leave him alone. She leaves crying.(01:05:20)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

After Greenberg finds out that Florence is getting an abortion (her ex's--she'd been pregnant all along), he makes sure to "be there" for her by taking her to the hospital. Later, Ivan explains to him what a major step it's been to finally accept the life he never planned on. Greenberg then proceeds to tell Ivan all his faults (which are actually Greenberg's own faults) and then finally cops to the fact that he fucked up by refusing to sign the record contract and breaking up the band. He says he knows about living a life you never planned on because that is just what he is doing—Greenberg has managed to fully acknowledge everything that he did wrong without taking any of the responsibility for it.(01:28:35)


Greenberg's niece Sara (Brie Larson), crashing at the house during college break, invites him to go to Australia with her and her friend--they're leaving in five minutes. Greenberg decides to go for it. He packs a back and heads to the airport with them, but on the way there makes them pull over. He says he can't go because he has to pick up a friend from the hospital. He brings Florence back to her apartment, ensures she's comfortable, and hangs a picture she's just had framed up on her wall, carefully measuring it out with a ruler. "Like a professional," she says. He explains that he is a professional, that's what he does. They both smile at the picture and at each other. (01:40:45)
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