20 ene. 2015

Lee y descarga el libro "El guión de cine", de Marga Varea

Marga Varea en el metro de Nueva York.
Lee y descarga este breve pero completo libro sobre guión de cine y televisión en aspañol. 

Índice: Definición. Elaboración. Estructura. Tiempo y Espacio. Personaje.Género. Descripciones. Diálogos. Reescritura. Adaptación. Cortometraje. Guión de televisíón. Y mucho más... No tiene desperdicio.

Biografía de la autora: 

"I was born in Southern Spain. In 2003, I relocated to New York City, then to Connecticut and ultimately to Arlington, Massachusetts, where I am based now. So far it's been a fun journey up the East Coast.

I got my BA and Masters' Degree in Journalism and Communication Studies from Complutense University, in Madrid. I worked in the television and film industries as a script consultant, screenwriter, line producer and communications director for several years. I co-founded an independent production company, Great Ways, and worked as a screenwriting teacher at trendy Metropolis Film School in downtown Madrid.

In the US, I have developed extensive experience in the world of social change documentaries, specifically in the areas of event planning, outreach/PR and distribution through my work with the acclaimed PBS film Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North, Agencia Freak and others.

Lastly, for the past fifteen years, I have happily freelanced as an "English to Spanish" translator and Spanish language editor, a job that I truly enjoy. I have worked on all kind of translations from a variety of industries, from non-profit to government, to healthcare to film, and many more."

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