6 ene. 2015

Escucha los podcast más interesantes de la WGA


Founded in swinging, mondo-groovy 1966, The Writers Guild Foundation is the only organization in the world devoted solely to the promotion and preservation of writing for the screen. Our events and interviews capture screenwriters and television writers at their most intimate, and run the gamut from Oscar-winning dramatists to TV scribes writing to devoted fanbases.

FRASIER NIGHT! Peter Casey co-created FRASIER. David Isaacs wrote for it. They joined us in the NerdMelt Showroom in November. You guys asked some amazing questions. It was incredible. And of course you should listen to it. 12/1/14 Free View In iTunes

J. Michael Straczynski at GENRE SMASH! Joe Straczynski has a pretty huge body of work dating back to the 1980s. It spans the spectrum of media; he's done features, television, comic books, and more. And not just genre fiction - he also does straight drama, like 2008's CHANGELING. 11/17/14 Free View In iTunes

X-FILES Creator CHRIS CARTER at GENRE SMASH! By this point we've made so many "The Truth Is Out There" jokes that we're pretty sure we've run the well dry, so we'll just get to the point and say: We interviewed Chris Carter and it was glorious. 11/3/14 Free View In iTunes

Amy Berg at GENRE SMASH! Amy Berg joined us at GENRE SMASH! to talk about making a living in television, and how comic books might be the best way to break in these days. 10/21/14 Free View In iTunes

ASH MILLER and ZACK STENTZ at GENRE SMASH! Ash and Zack wrote great stuff like FRINGE, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and more - and are currently working on a huge slate of new projects. 10/6/14 Free View In iTunes

Nicole Perlman at GENRE SMASH! Earlier this year we hosted Marvel maven Nicole Perlman at GENRE SMASH!, where we talked about Richard Feynman, Rocket Raccoon, and why science is so exciting. 9/15/14 Free View In iTunes

Eric Kripke at GENRE SMASH! Eric Kripke, creator of SUPERNATURAL and the all-too-short-lived REVOLUTION, joined us at the NerdMelt Showroom to talk about his work, his fans, and whether classic rock is GREAT music or THE GREATEST music. 9/1/14 Free View In iTunes

BOB’S BURGERS writers Lizzie & Wendy Molyneux at GENRE SMASH! Earlier this year, the amazing sister/sister duo of Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux joined us for GENRE SMASH! in the NerdMelt Showroom. As it turned out, their parents joined us as well, which is precisely as adorable as it sounds. 8/18/14 Free View In iTunes

Ben Edlund at GENRE SMASH! Ben Edlund - writer of ANGEL, SUPERNATURAL, VENTURE BROTHERS and the upcoming GOTHAM - joined us for a chat recently. WARNING: Ben is brilliant and hilarious and will very likely someday rule us all. 8/4/14 Free View In iTunes

Classic Simpsons Night! At our May 20 installment of GENRE SMASH!, we were joined by the guys who basically crafted the world of THE SIMPSONS as we know it today. This week's podcast is our recording of that event - one of the most hilarious evenings we've had all year. 7/21/14 Free View In iTunes

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