22 dic. 2014

Los concursos de guión más importantes del mundo

Top Tip – get feedback on your script ahead of time to be sure you’re submitting the best sample of your writing.

Hamptons International Film Festival Screenwriters’ Lab – Deadline: 5 December 2014 (early) / 19 December 2014 (regular) / 2 January 2015 (late) / 16 January 2015 (extended). Feature length screenplays only.

Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship – Deadline: 15 December (final). Accepting feature scripts, one-hour tv pilots and half-hour tv pilots.

Stage 32 Happy Writers TV Writing Contest - Deadline: 15 December 2014 (final). Accepting 30′ & 60′ originals and specs of existing shows.

Cinestory Screenwriting Contest - Deadline: 15 December 2014 (early) / 15 January 2015 (regular) / 15 February 2015 (late) / 25 March 2015 (final). Screenplay 85-130pages.

European Independent Film Festival Script Competition – Deadline: 21 December 2014 (regular) / 11 January 2015 (late) / 8 March 2015 (final). Short scripts 5-50pp & feature length scripts 80-130pp. Looking for scripts NOT aimed at mainstream Hollywood film markets.

Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest – Deadline: 31 December 2014 (early) / 1st May 2015 (final). Feature length screenplays.

Script Pipeline TV Writing Contest – Deadline: 31 December 2014 (early) / 1st May 2015 (final). Any length script, pilot of original or spec of existing show.

Scriptapalooza – Deadline: 6 January 2015 (early) / 3 February 2015 (regular) / 10 March 2015 (late) / 15 April 2015 (extended) / 29 April 2015 (final) . Screenplays 80-140pp.

CAPE New Writing Fellowship – Deadline: 7 January 2015. Sponsored by NBC Universal and Warner Bros. For Asian American and Pacific Islander writing talent. Original tv spec and feature film screenplays accepted.

Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Contest - Deadline: 14 January 2015 (extended). Screenplays 80-120pp, short script under 40pp, half-hour tv comedy script 22-35pp, one-hour tv drama 45-65pp.

The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards – Deadline: 15 January 2015 (early) / 16 February 2015 (regular) / 16 March 2015 (late) / 15 April 2015 (final). Short scripts up to 40pp, feature screenplays 80-120pp, TV drama pilots 50-70pp, TV comedy pilots 25-45pp.

London Independent Film Festival Screenplay Contest - Deadline: 30 January 2015 (regular) / 6 March 2015 (final). Short & feature length scripts.

Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab – Deadline: 11 February 2015.

Euroscript Screenwriting Contest – Deadline: 31 March 2015. Submit your film treatment to win help developing the screenplay.

Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship - Deadline: usually May. Applicants must be able to prove US employment eligibility. (Opens for submissions May 2015)

To look out for at a later date:

Red Planet Prize – Deadline: usually January. UK entrants only.

Nickelodeon TV Writing Program – Deadline: usually February. Spec scripts for one of their listed shows.

Sitcom Mission – Deadline: usually March. Submit 15 minute sitcom script for tv, radio or stage. Aimed at UK residents.

Film Bazaar India Screenwriters Lab – Deadline: usually March. Applicants must be Indian passport holders.

Coming Up 2014 (Channel4 & Touchpaper Television) – Deadline: usually April.

The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting: Deadline: usually May. Screenplays 90-120pp.

Nick Darke Award – Deadline: usually April. Submit 750 word pitch for film, radio or stage play idea plus 20pp writing sample.

Big Bear Screenwriting Competition – Deadline: usually April -Screenplays 90-130pp.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab – Deadline: usually April. Open to screenwriters, producers & directors. Feature films only.

Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition – Deadline: usually April Feature scripts 90-120pp, teleplays (original pilot or spec of existing show) 45-70pp, sitcom scripts 22-40pp.

Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab - Deadline: usually May. Feature length screenplays. U.S residents only.

Screenwriting Goldmine Competition – Deadline: usually May – Film & TV scripts 45-120pp.

Toronto Int’l Film Festival Talent Lab – Deadline: usually May. Open to filmmakers & screenwriters with minimum 1 feature or 2 short films, maximum 2 feature films. Open to international applicants.

Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop – Deadline: usually May. Spec script of selected existing shows. Must be available to attend workshops in Los Angeles.

Screamcraft Horror Script Contest - Deadline: usually May – Feature screenplays up to 140pp in Horror genre.

Screamfest Horror Film Festival Screenplay Contest - Deadline: usually May. Feature screenplays 75-130pp in Horror genre.

Rawi Screenwriters Lab (the Royal Film Commission, Jordan) – Deadline: usually June. Arab screenwriters only.

Moondance Film Festival Screenwriting Contest – Deadline: usually June. Feature screenplays, tv script 30′, tv script 60′. For scripts addressing social issues.

Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award – Deadline: usually July. Submit 30-60 minute television drama script. Applicants must be under 30 and non-US residents.

Big Break Screenwriting Contest- Deadline: usually July. Teleplays 25-70pp / Screenplays 80-120pp.

Slamdance Writing Competition – Deadline: usually July – TV pilots up to 80pp, feature screenplays 90-150pp.

John Brabourne Awards – Deadline: usually July. Financial support to up and coming talent who may have suffered set-backs. UK residents only.

Screencraft Comedy Script Contest - Deadline: usually August – Feature screenplays up to 140pp & short scripts up to 20pp.

Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition – Deadline: usually August 2014 (late) – Feature screenplays 80-120pp, short screenplays 3-20pp.

New York Screenplay Contest: Deadline: usually August. Accepting feature scripts (over 70pp), short film scripts (under 70pp), tv scripts, sitcom scripts, stage plays, television concepts.

London Screenwriters’ Festival & Script Angel Screenwriting Contest - Deadline: usually August. Film & tv, all genres. Win six months of script editing & mentoring with Script Angel’s Hayley McKenzie.

American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest - Deadline: usually September 2014 (final) – Screenplays 82-145pp.

One In Ten Screenplay Contest – Deadline: usually September. Screenplays 90-125pp. Must feature at least one primary character who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Screenplay Festival – Deadline: usually September. Feature length screenplays and teleplays over 60pp (no max).

Berlinale Talent Campus – Deadline: usually September.

Screencraft Action & Thriller Script Contest – Deadline: usually October. Feature scripts up to 140pp.

Tracking B Feature Script Contest – Deadline: usually October

Universal Pictures’ Emerging Writers Fellowship - Deadline: usually October. US residents only.

4Screenwriting – Deadline: usually November. Accepting screenplays (film or tv), stage plays and radio plays. Only applicants who do not have a broadcast credit as a television or film writer may apply. Open to residents of UK and Ireland. Applicants must be available to attend the course in London on specified dates.

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – Deadline: usually November.

Cinequest Screenwriting Competition – Deadline: usually November. Features and shorts.

Blue Cat Screenplay Competition – Deadline: usually November. Accepting shorts and feature length scripts.

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