31 dic. 2014

Los 5 puntos de giro de "Tigre y Dragón" (2000)

Screenplay Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama

Movie Time: 120 minutes


As an attempt to escape the Giang Hu, world Master warrior Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat) relinquishes the magical Green Destiny sword only to find out it has been stolen by a mysterious ninja thief in the middle of the night. (00:15:53)


Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) informs Li Mu Bai of the stolen sword and the presence of Jade Fox, the killer of Li Mu Bai's master. Meanwhile, Jade Fox has already set up a midnight battle against Police Inspector Tsi, but Li Mu Bai shows up and is about to avenge his master's death when the mysterious ninja thief from earlier arrives to save Jade Fox. (00:33:32)


After Jade Fox kills a policeman in the midnight battle, Jen decides to return the stolen sword to divert attention from the Yu family where Jade Fox has been hiding out as a servant. Li Mu Bai catches Jen in the act of returning the sword and tries to persuade her into becoming his disciple and learn the ways of the Wudan, but she refuses and escapes. Jen returns to her hideout when a desert bandit, Lo, breaks in and tries to convince her to escape to the desert with him. (00:53:00)


After her arranged marriage, Jen escapes and steals the Green Destiny sword again. Yu Shu Lien engages in a battle with Jen but loses and is saved by Li Mu Bai, who pursues Jen into the forests and tries once again to persuade her to become his pupil. After being refused again, Li Mu Bai gives up on the notion of her becoming his disciple and throws the sword into the river. (01:32:02)


Li Mu Bai finds a drugged Jen in a cave that Jade Fox has brought her to. As he approaches her, poisonous darts are shot towards them and Li Mui Bai is hit in the neck. Jade Fox explains that the poison was intended for Jen, who had betrayed her after all the years of training she had given her. (01:45:34)
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