15 dic. 2014

15 formas de vender tu guión online

Written by Hal Croasmun 
Here's a secret that could help you sell a screenplay.

There are more ways to break into Hollywood (including the Indie market) and sell a screenplay than there have ever been. And after you read this article, you’ll have a new level of access and freedom to make your career happen.
It is as simple as three steps and 15 online strategies that can sell a screenplay.

STEP 1. Write a great script – Intriguing concept, cool characters, and well written.

Keep rewriting that script until it is a showpiece. The more you can establish a reputation of you being a professional, the better your chance of success. Remember, every page of your script either says you are an amateur or a Pro. So make them the best they can be.

You may already have a great script… or a script that can become great. Good choices and a strong rewrite process are the keys to success here.

STEP 2. Use your writing skills to create a compelling pitch.

If you can say your pitch in one or two interesting sentences, you’ve tripled your chance of success. Make sure it is concise, has a hook that intrigues us, and has us see the story in our mind.

When writing a pitch, remember that your purpose is to get the script REQUESTED, not to give them a book report on the story. Hook them and make it a smart choice to request the script.

STEP 3. Use the “15 Ways” list below to get your script to a “Champion.”

You’ve got a great script, a great pitch, and now you need it in the hands of a champion – someone with connections. Your champion might be a producer, agent, manager, or a friend on the inside. 

You just need to find someone who loves your writing and can’t stop themselves from promoting it.

This industry operates on recommendations. When an agent sends out a script, they are recommending it. When a producer gets a script to a Studio, she is recommending it. When a writer hands your script to his agent, he is recommending you.

And the right recommendation may be all you need to sell a screenplay.

15 Ways to Sell a Screenplay Online – In no specific order.

A. Start with your own network.

It’s Six Degrees of Separation: Who do you know ONLINE who knows someone? Get your friend to read your script. If they love it, they’ll recommend it to their contacts.

BTW, now is the time to start building your network or focusing it on contacts who can help you achieve your screenwriting goals.

B. Build relationships with producers on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

They’re out there, but when you meet them, you need to become part of their world. At some point along the way, you’ll tell them about your script. Be discrete and maintain the relationship for the future.

Here’s a list of 200 Producers on Twitter provided by ScreenwritingU. If you know of other producers on Twitter, please let me know (send tweet to @ScreenwritingU ) and I’ll add them to the list.

C. Give InkTip a Try.

InkTip has a large database of producers who are continually looking for screenplays. For a fee, they’ll list your logline in a brochure/magazine that goes out to over 5,000 production companies. You can also pay to post your entire script and get reads from producers.

D. Blog about your subject.

Diablo Cody made this one famous. Put up a blog about your subject and turn yourself into a character that people can’t resist. If your subject is compelling – and you put yourself out there – you may be the next big blog success to sell a screenplay.

E. Build relationships with professional screenwriters who can recommend your script.

Professional screenwriters know agents, managers, and producers. If you can strike up a relationship, you’ll be surprised what may happen. Many movies have been made this way.

Where do you find them? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, articles, writer’s groups, etc.

F. Use one of the online blasting services.

These services blast a query letter to hundreds of producers and/or agents. The percentage of success depends on the service’s reputation, but more importantly, on the quality of your query letter/pitch. If you have a strong query letter, check out ScriptBlaster.

G. Enter contests that promise “producer reads” or PR about the winners.

MovieBytes lists 100’s of screenplay contests along with what their prizes are. You can read report cards on each contest and decide which fits your needs.

H. Take classes with connected teachers.

Some screenwriting teachers have connections. Most don't. Every year, I introduce our up-and-coming screenwriters to producers who can make their movies. We’ve brought over 100 of our ProSeries writers to L.A. in the last four years. You can see the results here.

I. Coverage service that sends out “Recommends.”

Most coverage services give a pass, consider, or recommend as per industry standards. A few will send scripts that gets a recommend out to their producer contacts.
J. Become part of a writing group where writers are selling scripts.

There are two big benefits to being part of a group where the other writers are selling scripts. First, it gives you the potential of those writers recommending your work.

Just as important, being around others who are making deals provides inspiration, motivation, and a map of the many paths into the Biz. Our ProSeries Alumni are constantly making deals and sharing their stories with the rest of the group. And that's a pretty good thing to have in your consciousness.
K. Consider a Sherwood Oaks Producer Event

Sherwood Oaks Experimental College puts on three day events where you meet producers as part of a group. It is a low-stress way to learn the industry and build up a list of Hollywood contacts.

L. Lists of producers looking for scripts.

There are a few places that list producers who are looking for scripts. One of them is the International Screenwriting Association.

M. Teleconferences or Podcasts with producers.

From time to time, we do teleconferences with producers. Creative Screenwriting Magazine does podcast with writers, producers, and directors.

How that will help you? Because it gets you a clear idea of what producers are looking for and how the business side of the process works. So you’re better prepared when you get that call from a producer.
N. Screenwriters On Line service with chats with producers

Screenwriters On Line has online chats with producers who have agreed in advance to read your query letter. So you get double value – learn what they need, then send a query letter that will be read.

O. Online Pitch-Fest

This is definitely something we’ll be seeing more of in the future. Online real-time meetings with producers. Sitting at your computer, you are face-to-face with a producer who listens to your pitch.

FadeIn Magazine offers this right now. Check it out.


You now have ways to get access to the kind of champions who can move your career forward and sell a screenplay. But before you start sending scripts, ask yourself one more question – Is your screenwriting at a professional level? Because that is what producers and agents are looking for.

If you’re wanting to bring your writing skills to a professional level and understand the business side of screenwriting, you should consider joining us for an upcoming ProSeries – and write the best script of your life so far.

One last thing: Over the coming months and years, more and more online paths to Hollywood will open up. The possibility of getting your script to a producer or agent will increase with each of them. If you really want to make it, the opportunities are there.

Now, go forth, sell a screenplay, and prosper.

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